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  • Can I color my locs?
    You absolutely can, the right way. If we are talking about lightening using harsher methods like bleach, that is the fastest way to ensure a damaged head of locs, protein treatments, keratin treatments, and any other "treatment" may help, but the lightened hair will never be the same and with that may come shedding or breaking, and even worse loss of that entire lighter portion. Do your research, think on it, and if you so choose reach out to us!
  • Can I wash my hair?
    First, this should be discussed with your loctician, however it depends on what stage you are in and the results you are going for. Freeformers can wash at leisure, those looking for a neater manicured look may want to wash less often without getting a retwist. If your locs get wet by wash, on purpose, or by accident make sure they are fully dried before going to bed or covering. Loc mold and mildew is a thing!
  • Should i pull or cut the little balls at the end of my hair?
    That depends and can be answered for you by our talented stylists. Some of the "balls" you see, may be a part of the process while others are not necessary and can be trimmed. The point is there is no one size fits all answer. As you will see throughout this site EVERY HEAD IS DIFFERENT! Reach out to us, or email pictures.
  • Do I need any products to maintain my locs?
    Let's be clear, products are a want, you don't NEED anything except water an a good shampoo, however using products like our Loc'd Up With Nikki will leave your locs noticeably softer, smelling great, and promoting healthy new growth as well as a healthy scalp. Our After Mist Oil will leave your thirsty roots feeling hydrated, healthy, and sleek! I'll never tell you what you need as no 2 heads are alike but I will definitely suggest what you want!
  • Can I add mousse?
    If your hair is being washed regularly you can use certain products. it is important to remember that things like lotions and mousses should be alcohol free and water soluble, and again washed out soon thereafter.
  • Is edge control bad for locs?
    In short, the simple answer is No. If used in excess and not washed out regularly then yes. You should follow the instructions according to the manufacturer, however understand its a product not necessarily created for locs per se, and as such may cause, buildup, breakage, or worse. The important thing is to use a water based product that is not too thick and heavy.
  • Do you travel to do locs?
    Yes! Chat now for details,
  • What are the different loc-ing methods?
    Locs can be started in many ways: 1 Interlocking- Pulling the hair through itself at the root in a pattern to create close knots into a loc formation. 2 Freeform- This basically letting your hair do whatever it wants and the hair will eventually tangle and intertwine creating locs of various shapes and sizes. 3 Strands- By putting the hair in 2 strand twists and maintaining the twists, they will eventually loc. 4 Braids- Hair is braided into sections and interloc'd and possibly crocheted to prevent unraveling. 5 Backcombing- The hair is combed toward the root causing it to knot and tangle 6Coils- using a comb or finger hair is twisting in the direction on the natural curl pattern. 7 Extensions- Hair is braided, twisted, or crocheted with added hair.
  • What Method Should I Use To Start My Locs?
    Depending on length, texture, schedule, and desired results, you should do research, taking all those things into account talk to our skilled locticians to decide on the best way for you.
  • When should I get my locs retwisted?
    That all depends on many factors that can be discussed at your consultation, however generally speaking 2 weeks for coils or 10 weeks for interloc'd, and this can change depending on what stage your locs are in however this is a good reference point.
  • Can I get my locs wet?
    Depending on the method use to start the locs, you may be able to swim and wash your starter locs, with comb coils its best to avoid water until your next scheduled maintenance because unraveling is likely.
  • Why Don't my locs look like........?
    First off no ones journey is the same. Comparing your locs to others will only disturb your journey. If you trust your loctician, then trust your loctician. Of course, do your research, stay informed, ask tons of questions but the number one rule to having locs is no 2 journeys are the same!
  • Why aren't my roots loc-ing?
    Locs are formed within themselves, each strand by nature or nurture will begin to coil and knot up within the loc, retwists, help teach the hair to continue to coil, reties or interlocking creates small knots that give you the loc shape and "look", crocheting speeds the process by knotting and intertwining the hair , it is also by far the best and fastest way to get as your "locs" as close to the roots as possible with the least damage.
  • When will my hair start to loc?
    If you visited our salon to start your journey, your hair is on the road to starting the loc-ing process. Again, each head is different so do not compare your journey by looks, time or otherwise. less manipulation = faster loc process. We have clients with straight hair loc'd way before the "6 months to a year" spiel. We have clients with very tight coiling hair that may, in fact, take longer than a year to loc. if your goal is for your hair to be loc'd we can get you there in the shortest amount of time. Methods and preferences can be discussed at your consultation.
  • I want locs like........
    While we can duplicate the size, and parting of a set of locs you have seen, it is extremely important to stress that NO 2 HEADS ARE THE SAME. Your hair texture, and density may be very different which will undoubtedly make the look of your locs different from a person with similar sized locs.
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